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GST ACT's OR RUles & Regulations

The Government is attempting all endeavors to adhere to the course of events of first July for GST usage. In the fifteenth GST Council meeting on third June, 2017, the rates of 6 things were chosen, including gold, footwear and materials. Every one of the states, aside from West Bengal, have likewise consented to take off GST from first July, 2017. Taking after is the announcement on the GST Act and principles: read more...

Wholesale Market Places

India is a place where there is developing consumerism. With around 14 million retail focuses serving the end client, in both urban and country markets, it is a mammoth assignment for makers – particularly those of FMCG and customer durables – to address the request. What makes this much all the more difficult is the way that as on today, 92% of the retail area is disorderly – making it essentially unimaginable for a maker to oblige the keep going mile, exclusively on the quality of direct appropriation channels. read more...

BizNweb's GST-Ready Product Release Plan with Softwares Updated

With just a few weeks left for the roll out of GST, one of the burning questions on your mind as a BizNweb Technologies user is probably, “How will BizNweb Technologies support my business to become GST Ready?” read more...

Impact of GST on Suppliers on e-commerce Platforms with many Features

India's online business part is relied upon to cross income of Rs.12,000 crores in 2020, as indicated by a joint Assocham-Forrester examine. It is likewise expected that the area will develop at a yearly rate of 51%, the most elevated on the planet. The Indian Government's current move of money demonetisation and the fiery push for digitisation in each part of life has just moved the online business industry's development. read more...

Live Life of Chartered Accountants { C. A. } under GST

In the event that one takes a gander at GST, it does appears like a shelter for shoppers – with the guarantee of lower costs; for organizations – with the guarantee of a disentangled backhanded duty administration; and for the Indian Government – with the guarantee of higher assessment incomes. Be that as it may, there is another partner in the business biological community who stands to profit tremendously from the presentation and continuous take off of GST – the Chartered Accountant. read more...

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