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Add Tax GST Calculation and Determination Services.

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The central government has assured states of compensation for any revenue losses incurred by them from the date of introduction of GST for a period of five years

GST India - Compliance Reporting Comprehensive GST Compliance Applications.

Coordinate or Upload information, Transform, Validate, Reconcile and File Returns. An adaptable Workflow with an Audit Trail for all occasions. Stay up with the latest and on track with complex Dashboards.

Place of Supply Rule

Calculate GST based on the ‘Place of Supply’ Rule. I.e. based on destination and levied on the point of delivery.

GST on Exports.

Under the GST Law, export of goods or services are treated as Zero rated supplies, yet, GST will be charged on the export of goods or services.

Effects The tax rate under GST may be nominal or zero rated for the time its charged.

It has been proposed to insulate the revenues of the States from the impact of GST, with the expectation that in due course, GST will be levied on petroleum and petroleum products.

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The Government is trying all endeavors to adhere to the timetable of first July for GST execution. In the fifteenth GST Council meeting on third June, 2017, the rates of 6 things were chosen, including gold, footwear and materials. Every one of the states, with the exception of West Bengal, have likewise consented to take off GST from first July, 2017. Taking after is the announcement on the GST Act and guidelines:

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